Unleash The Power Of ISO100 Hydrolyzed.

The future of protein is here. It’s Dymatize ISO100. A premium whey protein isolate that’s formulated to fuel your muscles fast, so you can get back at it faster. Our secret? It’s hydrolyzed.

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How ISO100 is different:

Whey Protein

Filtered protein derived from cow’s milk for general muscle support.

Whey Protein

Micro-filtered to remove excess carbohydrates and fats. Hint: most brands stop here.

ISO100 Hydrolyzed

Ultra-filtered and broken down into smaller proteins for faster absorption. Dymatize ISO100 is here.

We Break It Down...

Diagram showing the process of breaking down into whey protein isolate

We Break It Down...

We put our premium whey protein through a rigorous multi-step purification process to remove excess carbs, cholesterol, fat, sugar, and lactose.

The result: a whey protein isolate that’s leaner and easier to digest.

To Build You Up...

A tub of Dymatize Gourmet Chocolate ISO100

To Build You Up...

We use water molecules (hence, hydro) to break down that premium whey protein isolate into smaller protein molecules (peptides) and amino acids. Because they’re smaller, your body is able to absorb the 9 EAAs and 3 BCAAs, including leucine—a key player in activating muscle protein synthesis— into your muscles fast.

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Diagram showing protein breaking down into peptides
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So You Can Recover Faster.*

Faster protein absorption means faster muscle recovery.* When you workout, you stress your muscles. The faster you feed those muscles, the faster you can get back to feeling—and giving—100%.


*Post-workout protein supplementation can support faster recovery.

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