Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Satisfy your cravings with a delectable Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie that’s as delightful as it is nutritious. Immerse yourself in the sweet, fruity essence of ripe frozen banana and luscious fresh strawberries, perfectly complemented by the smooth, creamy notes of vanilla. With the added richness of Elite 100% Whey Gourmet Vanilla protein powder and velvety vanilla Greek yogurt, every sip offers a satisfying burst of flavor and a nourishing boost of protein.

Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie



  1. Add all these above ingredients into a blender or mixer and blend it all until smooth.
  2. You can adjust the consistency of your smoothie by adding more milk if required.
  3. And that’s all, your strawberry vanilla smoothie is ready!

With their blend of nutritious ingredients and irresistible flavors, these workout smoothie recipes are bound to become staples in your kitchen. Whether you need a morning boost, an afternoon treat, or a post-workout refuel, this protein powder recipe has got you covered.

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