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Zero in on the right product for your pursuit.

When it comes to committing to a protein product, so much is at stake. You’re laser focused on making the best possible choices to give you optimum results — and so are we. That’s why we’re breaking down the hard-working products you count on to fuel your journey, and answer the who, when, and why of choosing the right one for a particular goal.

On the most basic level, our bodies depend on protein to build and repair cells and muscles. “Protein quite literally supports every process that occurs in the body,” explains Osteopathic Medicine Doctor Nicolet Finger. “Behind the scenes—so to speak—protein acts as a catalyst in our metabolic pathways.” Dr. Finger helped us take a deeper dive into some lingo you’ve seen on labels, and how these kinds of protein can work harder for you.

Protein Isolates These are higher quality proteins. For isolates, the whey protein is filtered, removing excess fats and lactose (a sugar found in milk). As a result, they contain more pure protein. “You can think of this as simply filtering out all the extra stuff so you’re left with pure protein,” says Dr. Finger. This also makes protein isolates an ideal choice for people who are lactose intolerant.

Hydrolyzed Proteins These proteins come ready to work. The amino acid chains that make up the proteins have essentially been broken apart; the peptide bonds that hold the amino acids together are unchained with the help of enzymes. Typically, your body takes care of that as part of digestion, so hydrolyzed proteins digest very quickly, and are easy on the stomach. Added bonus: the breaking down of those proteins also means they mix easily, and can easily be dissolved or blended for consumption.

Takeaway: Dymatize ISO100 and Elite 100% Whey are comprised of hydrolyzed proteins and protein isolates. That makes them easy to digest, and excellent sources of high-quality protein. Additionally, ISO100 is extremely low in carbs and fats, making it ideal for gaining lean muscle, while Elite 100% Whey is a great go-to for a protein source that digests slightly slower and leaves you feeling satiated longer.

Fast digesting proteins are best for times when your muscles are hungry. A slow digesting protein is best for when you are trying to build muscle but might not be eating at that time, like when you’re sleeping.

– Dr. Nicolet Finger, D.O. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Casein Casein is a slow-digesting protein. This is crucial if you’re trying to put on serious muscle and want to keep your protein intake up 24/7— even when you’re sleeping. The slow release is key to muscle recovery and sustained muscle growth. For extended muscle support, go for Elite Casein. It’s the protein that never sleeps.

Mass Gainers These are the big boys. Mass gainers have extra ingredients to support the process of putting on muscle mass—and fast. Think of them as a one-stop shop for all three macronutrients—protein, carbs, and fat—and also typically lots of vitamins and minerals. To reap the rewards of your killer workouts, Super Mass Gainer fuels your body with 52g of fast and slow absorbing high-quality protein and at least 245g of carbs for maximum gains.

Make It Happen

If you’re looking for results, get after it. But Dr. Finger recommends a measured approach, until you find the regimen that’s right for you.

“Start off slow by adding in one or two shakes per day and see how you feel,” she advises. “Have fun experimenting with different protein types and flavors.” Ready to get started?

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